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day 2 2010

Day 2 we travel from Springfield, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri 

I am so sorry.  My computer is giving me real problems.  Each time I go to down load the pictures, my computer shuts down.  I will keep trying.

Our day started with a Blessing of the Bikes lead by our friend Jim who also passed out penny's with a cross punched in the middle and a wonderful story about that.  We had a great day traveling from Springfield, Illinois on the 1926 to 1930 alignment of Route 66.  Part of the road was bricks and we do have some great pictures.  We made a short stop to take pictures of Turkey Tracks in the cement of another part of Route 66.  Everyone had a great time at Henry's Rabbit Ranch, bough a lot of stuff from Henry, patted his new rabbit and installed his topper on his pickup truck.  We had lunch at Circle J which is located close to the Chain of Rocks Bridge.  Following lunch we rode across the Chain of Rocks Bridge and took several pictures but really just enjoyed the history of the moment.  From there we went to Ted Drew's where several had Custard, some just set and rested from the trip across St Louis and others decided to head out to the motel.  It was a great ride, we arrived at Rolla around 7pm and enjoyed a nice Fried Chicken Dinner made just for us by Michael who owns Zeno's Motel and Steak House where we stay each year.  I know I left out some things but it is 11:30 and I need some sleep.  I am going to try and down load the pictures again.  If I get them I will post all them, thanks for understanding.

Here we are leaving Springfield, Illinois
Spending a few minutes on the Old Brick RoadNow we are looking at Turkey track in the concrete of Old Route 66Now spending time at Henry's Rabbit RanchYes we rode across the Chain of Rocks Bridge

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