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Day 8, 2007


Route 66 New Mexico metal signRoute 66 Arizona metal sign

Leaving Albuquerque, New Mexico at 8am.



  Back on the road with great memories of Albuquerque.          We took a little break at the Continental Divide then back on the road.  Our next major stop was Gallup, New Mexico at the El Rancho Motel (check their web site ).  Check out the pictures .      John in the back ground enjoying looking at all the pictures of different movie stars        John and I waiting for a shoe shine  We also met three guys from Japan.  Ed and I got to practice our Japanese .  From Gallup our next big thing was the Petrified Forrest and the Painted Desert, enjoy the scenery.    This looks like a group that just flunked out of Helicopter Training School.   If you would please call me Dude for a couple days   So more bike pictures  then Dude again  This was some really beautiful country  and I got a picture of Doug without some chick hanging all over him    We are not sure what Ed is doing but you might not want the children seeing this.  Just beautiful country     and John is soaking it all in .  From here it is a night in Holbrook.


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