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2011 Rider's List

Total Riders 81
Going all the way  56  

* Number of years in the "All the Way Gang"
If your name is in white, I have received your paper work.

Note to all Riders Watch this Video:

Those going with me to the Navy Pier has Santa Monica highlighted in white.
 Name  City  State  Start Stop  Comments 
 Rodger L. Fox*****  Jacksonville  Illinois  Chicago  Santa Monica  5 years ATWG
 Bobby Taylor**  Murchinson  Texas  Chicago  Santa Monica  3 years riding
 Brian Revels**
 Kathy Revels
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
 2 years riding
New Rider
 Norm & Alice Mitchell*  Lakeview  Arkansas  Springfield, Il  Santa Monica  5 years riding
 Jim Engling**
  April Sotosur
 Glen Elynn
 Glen Elynn
 Santa Monica
St. Louis
 4 years riding
 New Rider
 Steve Conro  Balavia  Illinois  Chicago  Amarillo  4 years riding
 Gary Gallo**  Morris  Illinois  Chicago  Santa Monica  2 years riding
 Jim Nichols***  Quincy  Illinois  Chicago  Santa Monica  3 years riding
 Paul A. Boivin*  Deerfield  Ohio  Chicago  Santa Monica  1 year riding
 Gary W. Indorf*  Dalton  Ohio  Chicago  Santa Monica  1 year riding
 Matthew Indorf  N. Lawrence  Ohio  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Ed Tokarz ***
Ann Tokarz **
Lori Martin
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
Santa Monica
 3 years riding
2 years riding
New Auto
 Jim Roberts*  Sanger  Texas  Chicago  Santa Monica  1 year riding
 Dan Calhoon**  Kansas City  Kansas  Chicago  Santa Monica  2 years riding
 Roger Marling  Seymour  Indiana  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Mike & Pam Olson  Seymour  Indiana  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Riders
 Paul E. Dettmer  Columbus  Indiana  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Jerry Thelander*  Castle Rock  Colorado  Chicago  Santa Monica  2 years riding
 Ernie Froese  Winkler  Manitoba  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Keith Hall  Columbus  Indiana  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Robin Spurgeon  North Vernon  Indiana  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Tom Holdhusen  Ipswich  S. Dakota  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Dean Mehlhaff*  Aberdeen  S. Dakota  Chicago  Santa Monica  2 years riding
 Paula Sheaffer  Hyannis  Mass  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Steven A. Sheaffer  Hyannis  Mass  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Marie L. Riley  W. Yarmouth  Mass  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Craig R. Johnson  Centerville  Mass  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Clark & Patsy Graves  Alton  VA  Chicago  Santa Monica  1 yr & New
 Russ & Pat Bergstrom  Morris  Illinois  Chicago Santa Monica  New Riders
Steve & Jackie Simpson  Plantersville  Alabama  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Riders
 Richard Neer  Xenia  Ohio  Chicago Santa Monica   New Rider
 Roy & Virginia Staeger  Springfield  Missouri  Chicago Santa Monica  4 yrs Riding
 John & Laurie Burnett  Centerville  Mass  Chicago Santa Monica  New Riders
 Michael Spivack  Mashpee  Mass  Chicago Santa Monica  New Rider
 David & Anita Barlow  Selma  Alabama  Chicago Santa Monica  New Riders
 Jack & Ruth Witt  Scottsville  Virgina  Chicago Santa Monica  New Riders
 Steve M. Turner  Springfield  Missouri  Strafford, Mo Gay Parita, Mo  2nd year
 Dolph Guy  Springfield  Illinois  Oklahoma City Santa Rosa, NM  2nd year
 Ed & Sue Roberts  Alton  Illinois  Chicago Santa Monica  New Riders
Loren & Melinda Hiser  Oreana  Illinois  Pontiac  Amarillo, TX  2nd year
 Angela Spurgeon  North Vernon  Indiana  Chicago Santa Monica  New Rider
 Mike Davis  Godfrey  Illinois  Litchfield  Chain of Rocks  New Rider
 Jim & Jean Davis  Athens  Illinois  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Dale Barnstable  Rochester  Illinois  Oklahoma City  Santa Rosa, NM  2nd year
 John & Nancy Eilerman  Marion  Ohio  Chicago Santa Monica  New Rider
 Randel Beckley  Marion  Ohio  Chicago Santa Monica  New Rider
 Charles & Pat Friend  Ney  Ohio  Chicago Santa Monica  New Rider
 Tom Bell  St. Catharines  Ontario  Chicago  Joplin????  New Rider
 Dick & Mary Schultz ***  Verona  Wisconsin          ??          ??  4th year riding
 Ron & Virginia Dixon  Bogalusa  Louisiana  Chicago  Santa Monica New Riders
 Loyd Hughes  Roswell  New Mexico  Santa Rosa  Holbrook, AZ  New Rider
 Patricia Gallo  Morris  Illinois  Chicago  ?????????  New Driver
 Dennis & Mary Logsdon  Litchfield  Illinois  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Driver
 Wilson & Janet Johnson  Springfield  Missouri  Springfield, Mo  Joplin, MO  4 yrs riding
 Marvin & Donna Richardson  Cuba  Missouri  Rolla, MO  Santa Monica  3 yrs riding
 Larry & Donna Riegel  Bourbon  Missouri  Rolla, Mo  Amarillo, TX  New Riders
 Mike Anderson  Pana  Illinois  Springfield, IL  Chain of Rocks Bridge  New Rider
Don & Karen Browing  *  Decatur  Illinois  Springfield, IL  Joplin, MO  3yrs Riding
 Charles O. Casy  Kansas City  Kansas  Chicago  Santa Monica  New Rider
 Sue Durham *  Sugar Grove  Illinois  Navy Pier  Pontiac, IL  2 years
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