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Day 6 - 9/8

We went from Amarillo to Santa Rosa, NM.

This was are leisure day and I thank everyone took advantage of it.  We started by traveling about 5 miles west of Amarillo and painted one of the Cadillac's Orange at the Cadillac Ranch.  From the Ranch we traveled to the Half Way Point (that's right we are half way there) and had a very good group photo and I think everyone enjoy a piece of Pie with the Ugliest pie crust in the world. 

Following the Half way Point we went about 30 miles west to Russell's Truck and Travel Center for lunch.  From Russell's we all started to split up, some went to see Billy the Kid's Grave and just went on their own, everyone was just enjoying themselves and that is what this is all about.

Most every did make their way to Tucumcari.  One of our leaders, Steve Conro, had to head back home because of his work.  I don't think Steve is very good on goodbye's, he loves this ride and the people doing it.  So Steve broke away from the group and went out on his own before we got to Tucumcari.  Here is the fun part, we knew he was going to spend the night at the Blue Swallow Motel so several of us left thank you notes and enough money for him to have dinner and had the owner of the motel to put the notes all over his room.  Did I mention we also had his bed "Short Sheeted".

Most everyone got to the motel really early and that was the plan, a short day, have a little rest, look around Santa Rosa, a chance to spend a little time talking to each other and getting acquainted with some of the other riders.

The pictures loaded backwards, so go to the bottom and work your way up.  Hope everyone is enjoying the ride and much as we are.

Enjoy the pictures:
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