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Day 19, 2007


Leaving Gallup, MN headed to Colorado .  Had to take this picture with the Coors Light Trailer just for my son and daughter-in-law  Now set back and enjoy the ride You can call me Dude if you want to and back on the road .  Now for a special treat here I am with and old friend John Billings and here is John and his son John   Now you are saying "who in the heck is John Billings?"  Well he is famous for creating the Rubber Ducky Hood ornament plus if you notice he is holding a Grammy Award and I am holding one also .  Yes John is the maker of the Grammy Awards ( )  and he told me that in February 2008 they are going to present him with a Grammy (during the Grammy Awards program) for his outstanding work for 30 years of making the award.  After leaving John I headed for the Hot Springs then on to Montrose, CO for the night.

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