Due to the problems with Front Page on my orginial web site, I have lost all the information for the 2008 Ride for the Relay.  I will be able to post most all the pictures that I took each day but there won't be much text.   

Day 1 - My room at the Doubletree Hotel in Downers Grove, Illinois where we have our Riders meeting every year at 4pm. A really special start to a great trip We are having a Blessing of the Bikes, we start each morning like this. Now pulling out.Down Route 66 to Joliet, Illinois and the Route 66 Museum I think Buzz wasn't ready for the picture but Eric was. The Blues Brothers doing what they do best Then on to the Launch Pad and you don't want to know. Now for a few of the sites that we see on our way down Route 66 and a couple pictures of motorcycle's that are really cool This is the back of the Route 66 Museum in Pontiac, Illinois On down the road we find a really big dude with a really big hunger. Back on the move. We have arrived in Springfield, Illinois and made our way to the Cozy Dog just enjoy the pictures. Jim was going but the Lord had other things in mind for him.

This web site is just about ready to go down, I can no longer make changes or edit like I need to.  Please go to the new web site www.ridefortherelay.net.  Sorry but that is the way GoDaddy works.


Day 1, 2008

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