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2014 Riders/Sponsorship

Sponsorship 2014

This is our New Sponsorship Page for 2014.  All Sponsors will be entered on this page so that you don't have to go to 5 or 6 different pages to see who is Riding and who is supporting.

Rider Sponsor:  For $66 this group will be riding/driving the whole trip or 10'. it makes no difference.

Bronze Sponsor:  Just can't go this year but wants to support our cause with a $33 donation.

Gold Sponsor:  $132 lump sum or $66 at the Start and another $66 when the Ride is finished.

Pin Sponsor:  $300 donation helps us buy pins and get your name on the back of the T-Shirt.

Corporate Sponsor:  $660 donation.  They will receive special mention at all functions when possible, their name on the back of the T-Shirts, pins and any stickers that we may be using.  Not all Corporate Sponsors donate money, some help in other ways such as advertising.

XA = Rider/Driver going all the way
XP  = Rider/Driver going part way

Colored Name means you are a member of the "All the Way Gang".

States represented this year (2014) = 18  & Canada
Motorcycles represented for  (2014) = 51
Number of riders represented (2014)= 83
Cars, trucks, jeeps, etc for  (2014)  =  2

NOTE:  4 hours and many cups of coffee, I hope I have our list back in order.  If you see something that isn't correct please let me know.  I just got a call from Joe from Wisconsin not from Washington.  Thanks Joe for correcting me.  That what I am talking about.

   City  State  Rider  Bronze  Gold  Pin  Corp  Other  
 Rodger L. Fox  Jacksonville IL             Founder
 Steve Conro  Batavia IL   XA          8th Years  2
 Jim Nichols & Vikki Kirsch  Quincy IL       XA XA     7th Ride  4
 Gary Gallo  Morris IL   XA          6th Ride  5
 Jim Engling  Glen Ellen  IL  XA          7th Ride
 Terry & NormaTheriot   Breaux Bridge LA   XA          3rd Ride
 Michael Spivack  Mashpee MA      XA       3rd Ride
 Carolyn Slesinski  Mashpee  MA      XA      1st Ride 10 
 Dan Calhoon  Kansas City  KS       XA     6th Ride  11
 Ken Turmel  Midwest City OK          XP   Sponsor  12
 Scott & Christina Whitfield  Evansville IN      XA       2nd Ride  14
 Roy & Virginia Staeger  Springfield MO       XP      ATWG  16
 Loyd Hughes  Roswell   NM  XA          1st atwg  17
 Sara Boivin  Deerfield OH XP           2nd Ride  18
 Paul Boivin  Deerfield OH  XP           4th Ride  19
 Bobby Taylor  Murchison TX         XA    7th Ride  20
 Tom Sutton  Lowell MI  XA           1st Ride  21
 Stacey Sutton  Lowell MI  XA           1st Ride  22
 Doug & Linda Bird  Waverly IA  XA           2nd Ride  24
 Wilson Nichols  Washington PA   XP          Sponsor  25
 Garlan & Beverly Wilson  Newburgh IN  XP            ATWG  27
 Greg Kirby & Kristine Denney  Lilburn GA  XA           1st Ride  29
 Jerry Thelander  Castle Rock CO      XA      3rd Ride  30
 Norm & Mary Peterson  Rhinelander WI     XA      2nd Ride  32
 Harold & Linda Baldock  Owaneco IL      XA        1st Ride  34
 Ron & Deb Nollen  Hartland WI      XA      2nd Ride  36
 Loren & Melinda Hiser  Oreana IL      XP       ATWG  38
 Steve & Melinda Hamstra  Zeeland MI      XA  XA     3rd ride  40
 Bob & Pam Braam  Zeeland MI      XA       1st  Ride  42
 Butch & Judy Royse  Hamilton OH      XA       2nd Ride  44
 Bill Dirksmeyer  White Hall IL      XA      1st Ride  45
 Mary Anne Erickson/Jan Dragon  Saugerties NY      XA       1st Ride  47
 Allan & Diane Hardigree  Bishop GA      XA       1st Ride  49
 Steve & Jane Nickerson  Xenia OH       XA      1st Ride  51
 Dan & Sharon Runnels  Kellyville  OK       XP     1st Ride  53
 Jim & Wanda Panetta  Houston  MO      XP      1st Ride  55
 Jim & Sylvia Stogdon  Hull GA   XA     XA      1st Ride  57
 Norm  & Alice Mitchell  Lakeview AR   XP          ATWG  59
 Dennis & Sue Schultz  Whitehall MI  XA           2nd Ride  61
 Bob & Cindi Brandt  Lexington IL   XA          1st Ride  63
 Brian Revels  Mason MI  XP           4th Ride  64
 Kevin Revels  Mason MI XP           1st Ride  65
 Page Parrish III  Sparland IL       XA      2nd Ride  66
 Joe & Chris Zattera  Lake Tomahawk Wi      XA      1st Ride  68
 Colin & Shirley O'Brien  Calgary, Canada AB      XA       1st Ride  70
 Quentin Brown & Leitha Drew  Calgary, Canada AB       XA        1st Ride  72
 Delmar & Joyce Miller  Chenoa IL      XA        2nd Ride  74
Elmer Gueldener   Springfield IL  XA           1st Ride  75
 Tom Bell  Coquitlam, Canada BC  XA           2nd Ride  76
 Dick & Mary Schultz  Verona WI  XA          4th Ride  78
 Marvin & Donna Richardson  Cuba  MO XP           Sponsor  80
 Mike Libs
 Evansville IN
         1st atwg
 Rick & Di Coons  Bloomington IL  XP           ATWG  83

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