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California Dreaming

Los Angeles is the end of our Route 66 journey and we are tired, ready for the long journey home. Over the years I observe that many riders head for home the next day. I would like to suggest that you consider experiencing some of the special flavor that the LA area offers. A little google search of LA will produce a treasure trove of interesting sites. There are the 10 best sites, the 15 best sites, the 10 worst sites, etc.

1.  There are 3 studios that offer tours; Universal Studio, Warner Bros, and Paramount Pictures. All require reservations and that information is easily found on the internet.

2. Perhaps a ride along Malibu Beach to expand your horizons is of interest.

3. Then there is the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater to see the celebrity foot and hand prints in the sidewalk. Also I hear there are interestingly dressed characters wandering the streets. Access to these places is not difficult. There will be traffic, but after 12 days on the bike you will be very confident in the “big city”. We will arrive the pier on a Wednesday which should help with the traffic, but who knows?

4. I have enjoyed a short ride north along Route 1 (PCH = Pacific Coast Highway) from the pier to see the houses built on the cliffs.

5. There are hundreds of museums, of all kinds, of things that interest people.

6. Two presidents have libraries in the area, Nixon (Yorba Linda Blvd) and Regan (Simi Valley). I visited the Regan Library and found it so worthwhile, even if you didn’t like the guy it is a walk through the events of that time.

I hope you will consider spending a couple of extra days in the LA area seeing the places that many of you have heard about for years and probably never thought you would have an opportunity to visit.

Keep the shiny side up,

Jerry Thelander

Note from Rodger:  Jerry is a member of the All the Way Gang 2008/2011 but has been on the ride several times leading some of the group to Santa Fe, NM.  He is a very important part of the Ride for the Relay and has come up with a very good idea.  

A Rodger suggestion if you aren't going to hang around LA.  25 miles North of San Barnardino is Lake Arrowhead.  Go to for more information.  If you go to Lake Arrowhead be sure to take the boat tour around the lake and see the homes of many famous people.
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