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Day 20, 2007


I spent the night in Montrose, Colorado at the Black Canyon Motel   I use to work in Montrose, it was fun checking out the town and seeing how it is growing.  From there I stopped in Olathe, Colorado and seen an old friend that I had not seen since 1965, her name is Mary Boston and is the mother of my best friend back in High School.  My friend was killed in 1965, so it was good to get to spend a little time with Mary.  From there I headed to my daughter's in Oak Creek, Colorado.  The trip in the mountains was beautiful and the Aspens were beginning to turn to gold .  I checked into the motel in Oak Creek and went straight to Chelsea's Restaurant (My daughter and her husband Andy own Chelsea's) where I was greeted by my Granddaughter Sophie , my daughter Staci "Jaila" , and Andy (in the cap) and his brother Dan .  Sophie is reminding us not to drink and drive and my daughter is just thrilled to have grandpa there . Now just some fun while visiting my daughter.



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