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Day 7, 2007


2011 we are remembering the 2007 ride and John Matthews

This was a very special day for John Matthews and he talked about it all the time.  Not only did he get to meet Bobby Unser, but got to go through his house, then topped the night off with setting next to Bobby Unser at dinner and they talked non-stop for most of the evening.

Route 66 New Mexico metal signLeaving Santa Rosa, New Mexico at 8am.



Every morning we eat breakfast at the whatever hotel we are staying at.  Of course you run to other guest staying there and this morning was no exception.  Here is Rodg & Edward the Lopez twins and their sister Nancy .  We had Edward and his sister to stand together for a picture because they look so much alike we thought they were triplets.  No took a picture of the whole gang before we left the motel in Santa Rosa.  Today is a short trip, we are only going 117 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Along the way we stopped and bought gifts for our ladies back home.  Then on into Albuquerque with a short stop for lunch before going to Bobby Unser's house.


We got to Unser's at 1pm, check out the pictures.

The tour of their house was great, we are meeting at 6:30 for dinner.

Here we are at Pappadeaux, it was truly a fantastic meal--what a place to eat.  The evening with Bobby & Lisa Unser was very very enjoyable and we are all looking forward to next year.  Check out the picture below.
Everyone just talking and enjoying the evening.
Food was wonderful and plentiful.  Everyone had more that they could eat, so we ordered desert.

Could someone tell me what Doug ordered??
No one finished their desert but it was fun trying.
  Doug, Ed and I went down town to see the Neon Lights and it took 5 cop cars to tell us we were in a no parking zone
So that everyone knows, before we parked there Officer Brad Ahrensfield gave us permission to park there.  We got in no trouble and Officer Brad fought a pin.


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