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Day 1, 2007


Route 66 Illinois metal signLeaving Chicago's Navy Pier parking lot at 9am


Good News.  Our friend John Matthews from California got his bike fixed and made it into the Hotel here in Springfield, Illinois about 7:30 tonight.  We are really glad John will be on the trip now.

We left the motel in Downers Grove, Illinois around 7:am this morning and arrived at Navy Pier about 8:15.  We had people waiting for us and then more people come to join around 8:30.  Altogether there were 11 bikes that rode out of Chicago.  There were 5 bikes from Chapter V Tri-City Wings, Batavia, Illinois that rode down to Pontiac.  Please enjoy the pictures, I will try to give more details later.  I am just to tired to do this tonight.  It was really a great day.





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