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Day 6, 2007



Route 66 Texas metal signRoute 66 New Mexico metal signLeaving Amarillo, Texas at 8am



After a really fun night in Amarillo we have little breakfast  and we depart the Hampton Inn after the blessing of the bikes.  Our first stop was the Cadillac Ranch and John found a couple adoring fans.  However the Yellow Thing really caught there attention and we forced Doug to get a picture with them.  Just so everyone knows the two pictures of the Cadillac Ranch is all there is to the place, There is nothing else to take a picture of.  Today most of the trip will be on I-40 because it runs over the top of Route 66 except through so of the small towns and we will follow Route 66 where possible.  Adrian, Texas was a very special stop.    Adrian has a motel and restaurant and not to much more.  While we were setting there another bike pulled and stopped .  This is Mike and he is traveling Old Route 66 and taking picture for a couple National Motorcycle Magazines.  He was great guy and took a bunch of pictures of us.  We pulled out and left Mike to take more pictures of Adrian.  Before getting to Tucumcari we got off I-40 on a short little run of Route 66 where there use to be several businesses.    If you followed last years trip, this is where the horse had the saddle on backwards.  After that short detour we were headed toward Tucumcari running as much of Old 66 as possible.  The first stop in Tucumcari, New Mexico was for lunch and Mike showed up just as we were going in, so he joined us for lunch. After lunch everyone went their own way just to see the town and to take pictures.  We got back together at one of my favorite places on the trip, The Blue Sallow Motel.      .  Then on to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  We ended our ride today at 2:30pm and took a well deserved rest.  Some of us went to The Route 66 Auto Museum, I forgot to take my camera so no pictures.  At 6pm we all went to dinner across the street form our motel (Super 8).        I did not mean to take that picture just when Ed was opening his mouth but sometimes things happen.  After dinner Ed, Doug and myself went to the Blue Hole     .  It was good day, I hope tomorrow is just as great.  We are going to be at Bobby Unser's house at 1pm, then out to dinner with Bobby & Lisa tomorrow night.  I probably will not post anything tomorrow.


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