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day 10 2010


Kingman, AZ to Barstow, CA

Today we went from Kingman, AZ to Barstow, CA and experienced a very hot ride across the desert.  I have heard it was anywhere from 107 to 110 degree oh ya it was a dry heat (to me it was damn hot).  Before the hot ride we spent some time going to Outman, AZ and eating things we shouldn't and look at all the shops and patting the donkey's.  Today was a hard ride and everyone was very tired when the day was over.  I will try and got pictures ASAP

Kingman to Oatman is a beautiful ride, lots beautiful country and many switch backs and a real test for the less experienced riders.   Now we are in Oatman and time for a little breakfast and nobody had to tell Dean twice.  Is he enjoying it??  Now we are full and it is time to go walking in the streets with the donkey's I don't want anybody saying there is a Jackass with that donkey. From Oatman, AZ we enter California and cross the Mojave Desert, take a break in Amboy and on to Ludlow, CA for a late lunch. then on to Barstow, CA for the night.

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